Volunteer Info


Volunteer Hours
Beginning in the 2015-16 membership year, the KFSC will be instituting a new volunteer policy. Because the KFSC is a non-profit organization, it relies 100% on volunteers to operate. To that end, during each membership year, each member family will be required select one of the following options:

*Complete 6 hours of volunteer work in support of club events. At least 1 of these to be completed by a skating member.

*Pay $60 upfront, which will go to pay for the member benefits.

There will be a volunteer log in the slot of the KFSC dropbox. You are responsible for logging your volunteer hours once you have completed them. If you do not log your hours, they will not be counted.

If you are delinquent in your volunteer hours on June 1, 2016,  you will be considered a member not in good standing with the club and will not be able to renew your membership for the following year and lose privileges such as testing and competing until you have paid the volunteer fee. At that time the fee increases to $90.

Periodic emails will alert you to volunteer opportunities. Also, be sure to check the KFSC board at the rink for sign-ups. Please consider volunteering more than the required amount. Volunteering for the club not only helps us offer the members more benefits but also is a good way to get to know other club members off the ice!