Ice Etiquette



The following right-of-way order is to ensure safety for all skaters on the ice and is in effect during all Club sessions.

  • 1st priority:  Skater wearing a safety vest skating his/her program
  • 2nd priority:  Skater in a lesson
  • 3rd priority:  Skater in a spin or jump entrance


It is common etiquette to make extra effort to stay out of the way of priority skaters; however, you do not have to stop skating and stand at the boards.


It is important to be aware, cautious, and considerate of other skaters.  Be especially aware that there are low and high level skaters sharing the ice and that neither is more important than the other.


KEEP MOVING  If you feel the need to stop and talk to another skater, you must move next to the boards.


LOOK WHERE YOU ARE GOING AT ALL TIMES  Skaters are responsible for looking in the direction they are skating – forward or backward.


SPIN IN THE CENTER  Spins should be practiced in the center of the rink.


DO NOT LINGER IN JUMPING LANES  Most jumping is done at the ends of the rink.  Skaters will use the sides of the rink to gain speed for their jumps.