KFSC Code Of Conduct

KFSC Code of Conduct

Members and parents of members are required to review, discuss, and accept this Code of Conduct and indicate that they have read and understand their responsibilities prior to joining KFSC.  The Club wishes to create a safe skating environment and will benefit from having a uniform standard of behavior.



All KFSC members must conduct themselves in a manner respectful of all policies and property at Cool Sports as well as any other facility.  Any violation of facility policy may result in disciplinary action from the Club.  This Code of Conduct is also in effect when the Club is represented at out of town activities.  Please exhibit a model of behavior that will provide a good example to the community and encourage pride in our Club.

  • Members are expected to display proper respect and sportsmanship towards their fellow skaters, coaches, officials, parents, and the general public.
  • Members are expected to follow the direction of Cool Sports staff and KFSC members acting as rink attendants during Club Ice.
  • Any act performed by a Club member that a rink attendant, Club member, or a coach sees and deems unsafe or inappropriate may be brought to the KFSC Board of Directors’ attention for any disciplinary action necessary.
  • Persons appearing to be under the influence of alcohol or mood-altering drugs will not be allowed on the ice.
  • The Ice Monitor may place restrictions on routines or elements that he/she deems unsafe or dangerous to other skaters on any Club Ice session.